Happy New year - 2017!


"You are not a powerless speck of dust drifting around in the wind... we are, each of us, like beautiful snowflakes - unique, and born for a specific reason and purpose." ~ Elisabeth Kubler-Ross  


The New Year can be such a sweet (or bittersweet) moment  in time. We're often hopeful (even if guardedly). We  risk being dreamy about who we will be, what we will do in this New Year. And so, I ask, what's needed for you to claim your power & know anew  what is beautiful, uniquely you, living on purpose? Do you need a sounding board? A listening ear? A wakeup call? A reboot? A kick in the pants?  All of the above? Something more? Something else? Many are helped by having a guide for the  journey - to help keep you on track when resolve wains & the embers of hope and vision need to be fanned? I know from years of coaching & being coached how powerful & useful a life coach can be for these processes of living into personal aspirations. I'd love to offer that for you in 2017. Please get in touch & let me know where you want to see yourself go this year! gyoungquist@gmail.com or 651-402-4955.



Change is in the air.



"Winter is an etching,  spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting, autumn a mosaic of them all."  

 Poet, Stanley Horowitz


There are hints & signs of change in the air as we transition from summer into autumn here in the northern hemisphere. It's a time when nature creates new patterns. Following the cycle of the seasons, humans can perhaps more easily, intuitively lean into change, too. You may sense a tug toward something, a yearning. Feel your way into it. Name it if you can. Become engaged as the artist of your life, ready to create your own new mosaic/pattern. If you'd like the support of a guide, a coach as you move into & through your own seasonal change, get in touch. I'd love to hear what you have in mind & how I can be of assistance. gyoungquist@gmail.com or 651-402-4955.



Just For You: Benefits from a bit of quiet


I'm a neuroscience geek. Fully. Joyfully. For years I've been an avid learner about adolescent brains, brains in general & human consciousness. I learn in order to make life better for myself & clients. It's a wildly rich, dynamic time in brain research w/ daily discoveries & reports, tantalizing & useful.


A gem, this Huffington Post article:  "Why Silence Is So Good For Your Brain"  

In a loud, distracting world, finding pockets of stillness can benefit brain & body.

4 science backed reasons why.

  • Silence relieves stress & tension
  • Silence replenishes mental resources.
  • In silence we can think deeply & creatively.
  • Getting quiet can regenerate brain cells

To read more, copy link to your browser:  http://goo.gl/WoXNJJ 



Stoked @ 2016’s start! I adore, admire & appreciate my clients. Most (not all) parent teens/young adults. Sometimes we talk parenting & family life, but the coaching focuses mainly on other matters. A sampling:


  • 4 clients' work dreams are growing REALLY BIG, just seeds of ideas in 2015: 1 launched a new product, employing & engaging many as her idea took off! 1's certified for a new profession unlikely a year ago. 2 said yes to leadership roles: 1 corporate, 1 public. BIG GULPs. Excited, nervous & ready. Bring it!
  • 1's getting clear on viewpoint, beliefs, perspective re: hot topics important to her, ready to find her voice & engage in conversations she's never before dared join, true to herself.
  • 1 client's crafting a more satisfying relationship w/ time in an uber active life. He's changing his story to choice vs. feeling controlled by scarcity of time.
  • Several are stepping into community leadership never imagined, forging partnerships from shared passions & burning desires to improve things they felt unjust. More power to you, ladies!
  • Another has 2016 as her year to figure out if / how to move cross-country to a place she’s dreamt of for several years. How will it happen w/ work, relationships & all?
  • 1 aims to restore health after a scary diagnosis side-swiped her. She’s rearranged a lot to put herself atop her priority list of work, family, friends & money.
  • 1's co-leading creation of an inner-city youth program inspired by his & colleague’s lives, cultures, languages. After several years volunteering in other people’s programs, they're fueled by shared vision for something they believe can be done even better.
Jazzed, grateful, honored to journey & grow w/ each of these remarkable human beings. Hats off to them & a breathtaking WoW! Here's to 2016!


The danger of a single story


With a twinkle in my eye, I sometimes tell my honey (to solicit patience,  appreciation or both), "It's complicated being me!" Each of us is beautifully complex. A joy of coaching is witnessing each client's unique way of being in the world (their story) unfold as we work together. I've seen over & over again how clients discover new ways to claim & embrace their story & its power. Each person deserves to be fully seen & appreciated, not flattened into a single story by assumptions & stereotypes.


Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's revelatory TED Talk on "The danger of a single story" speaks to this powerfully. Her elegant way of talking about the phenomena & its risks, from the personal to the cultural & geo-political, is well worth a listen. In the end, she beckons us to 'reject the single story' about anyone or any place & in so doing, 'regain a kind of paradise'.


To listen, copy link to your browser: https://goo.gl/zjPGUq